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Consulting: Writing for Publications and Websites and Developing Educational Products
Why Hire a Consultant?   Scope of Services    Turn Key Programs

Mary Ann loves to write and has a particular flare for using easy-to-remember and clever acronyms to drive home the key points!

Clients retain Mary Ann to:

  • Write dynamic articles for consumer and professional publications on a variety of subjects, including:
    • Diabetes self-management
    • Medical nutrition therapy (MNT) in diseases: heart, kidney, liver, gastrointestinal disorders, etc.
    • Outcome management systems for medical nutrition therapy (MNT) and diabetes self-management education (DSMES)
    • Medicare and private insurance reimbursement for MNT and DSMES
    • Reimbursement for diabetes testing supplies via pharmacy benefit management
    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’s MNT Evidence-Based Guides To Practice for Diabetes and Hyperlipidemia
    • National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education
    • How to take a diabetes education program from red to black ink
    • Healthy eating and good nutrition
    • Nutrition for women’s, men’s, teen’s and college student’s special needs
    • Nutrition for men’s special needs
    • Practical weight management strategies for the real world
    • Enhancing the quality and effectiveness of chronic care teams
    • Behavior change models: patient compliance vs. patient empowerment
      Defining “success” in this era………………and much more!

  • Develop educational literature for both consumers and professionals
    Writing educational pages for professional association websites
  • Write quick guides, summaries and thumb-nail sketches on Medicare’s reimbursement guidelines for:
    • Medical nutrition therapy
    • Diabetes self-management education and related services

Partial client list includes:

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND)
  • American Association of Diabetes Educators
  • American Diabetes Association
  • Illinois Dietetic Association
  • Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Diabetes Care and Education Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
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Mary Ann has a rare combination of consultant to both professionals and the public. She is a well known dietitian in the Chicago , IL area. She travels all over the state of Illinois presenting on health reimbursement - including insurance, medicare and self management diabetes programs (DSMES). Also, she created a health, wellness, health promotion and health education program targeted for companies and organizations who want to demonstrate concern for employee well-being, and increase employee productivity and morale.

Dietician Mary Ann consults with corporations and industry as a media nutrition spokesperson in area of food and nutrition. You will often see Mary Ann speaking before large consumer audiences on nutrition for kidney disease, nutrition for cardiac health, nutrition education for adolescents and current nutrition topics. She is a true nutrition expert!