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These a just a sample of the many topics
Mary Ann gives presentations on to audiences.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005
Finding Your Way to a Healthier You: Feel better today. Stay healthy for tomorrow.

  • Feel better today, Stay healthy for tomorrow
  • Make smart choices from every food group.
  • Mix up your choices within each food group.
  • Find your balance between food and physical activity.
  • Get the most nutrition out of your calories.
  • NUTRITION: To know the facts…use the label.
  • Play it safe with food.
  • About alcohol.
  • The sooner you start, the better for you, your family, and your future

Nutrition for Wellness

  • Your 5 Star Healthy Eating Plan

Nutrition for Senior Wellness

  • Nutrition and Aging: Take Care Of Yourself, The Best Is Yet To Come
  • A Caregiver's Guide: Healthy Nutrition for the Alzheimer's Patient

Nutrition for Women's Wellness

  • Just for Women: Shape Your Body and Your Moods Through Good Nutrition

Nutrition for Men's Wellness

  • Eat, and Drinking Healthy in Corporate America : It's Tough, But You Can Do It!
  • On the Road Again: Bumping Up the Nutrients and Slimming Down Those Calories

Nutrition for Teens and the College Years

  • Just for Teens: Eating Healthy in Their Fast Food and Fast Paced World
  • Nutritional Survival Skills In the College Years

Weight Management Using Facts, Not Fads

  • The latest scientifically-based facts are creatively taught for the real person living in the real world.the "big 3" is the key to lose weight and keep it off:
  • Healthy eating
  • Exercise
  • Behavior modification

***Mary Ann includes practical ideas for restaurant dining, party-going, favorite recipe conversion to skim calories, problem foods, grab and go snacks, maintaining motivation

***Mary Ann uses incredibly fun props, daily self-monitoring guides and handouts

Heart Disease

  • Eat To Your Heart's Content: The Tried and True Way to Cardiac Health


  • S.W.E.E.T.S. Tools for Blood Sugar Control: Stress Control, Weight Control, Eating, Exercise, Taking Medication and Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose
  • Easy Diabetes Meal Planning
  • Label Lingo: Read Well to Choose Well for Better Blood Sugar Control
  • Carb Counting: It's Easier and More Important Than You Think

Renal - Kidney Disease

  • All About Phosphorus in Renal DiseaseHealthy Eating After Your Kidney Transplant
  • S.M.A.R.T. Renal Friendly Diary: Success Means Always Remembering to Track!
  • Kidney Diease and the Diabetic Diet: A Balancing Act
  • Helpful Hints for Dialysis: Flavoring Foods, Limiting Fluids and Controlling Thirst
  • Renal Meal Plan Calculation Worksheet

Liver Disease

  • Nutrition Therapy in Primary Biliary Cirrhosis


  • Getting the Nutrients In When the Appetite Temporarily Stepped Out
  • Maintaining Good Nutrition During Radiation and Chemotherapy

Stomach and Intestinal Disorders

  • Nutrition in Chrone's Disease
  • Nutrition in Diverticulitis
  • Nutrition in Chronic Constipation or Diarrhea
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Mary Ann has a rare combination of consultant to both professionals and the public. She is a well known dietitian in the Chicago , IL area. She travels all over the state of Illinois presenting on health reimbursement - including insurance, medicare and self management diabetes programs (DSME). Also, she created a health, wellness, health promotion and health education program targeted for companies and organizations who want to demonstrate concern for employee well-being, and increase employee productivity and morale.

Dietician Mary Ann consults with corporations and industry as a media nutrition spokesperson in area of food and nutrition. You will often see Mary Ann speaking before large consumer audiences on nutrition for kidney disease, nutrition for cardiac health, nutrition education for adolescents and current nutrition topics. She is a true nutrition expert!