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St. Joseph Hospital, Resurrection Health Care

Leslee Carver, Chief Dietitian
Saint Joseph Hospital, Resurrection Health Care
2900 N. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60657
July 29, 2004

Mary Ann Hodorowicz, MBA, RD, LD, CDE
Mary Ann Hodorowicz, LLC
Palo Heights, Illinois

Dear Mary Ann,

I am writing to thank you for your excellent presentation at the Tools for the Cutting-Edge Clinical Nutrition Management Symposium this Spring, as well as for your help since that time.

‘The Reimbursement Update’ has been invaluable to us in a number of ways. We have used the handout information to revise our Physician Referral forms, to validate our MNT coding with our Finance Department, and to set up charge codes for our newly recognized Diabetes Education Program. Your organization and attention to detail is greatly appreciated. Your presentation boiled down countless pages of difficult to understand Medicare publications into virtually boilerplate format.

We have also utilized your EZ forms for the Busy RD. Although we modified the format for our own use, the forms you provided sped us through the process by clarifying required elements and efficient formatting.

Thank you again.

Leslee Carver, RD, LDN, MSPH, Chief Dietitian
Nancy Jerger, RD, LDN, CDE, RN

Mary Ann Hodorowicz Consulting, LLC
12921 Sycamore
Palos Heights, Illinois 60465
Office:  708-359-3864
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Mary Ann has a rare combination of consultant to both professionals and the public. She is a well known dietitian in the Chicago , IL area. She travels all over the state of Illinois presenting on health reimbursement - including insurance, medicare and self management diabetes programs (DSME). Also, she created a health, wellness, health promotion and health education program targeted for companies and organizations who want to demonstrate concern for employee well-being, and increase employee productivity and morale.

Dietician Mary Ann consults with corporations and industry as a media nutrition spokesperson in area of food and nutrition. You will often see Mary Ann speaking before large consumer audiences on nutrition for kidney disease, nutrition for cardiac health, nutrition education for adolescents and current nutrition topics. She is a true nutrition expert!