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Consulting: Medicare Medical Nutrition Therapy Program
Why Hire a Consultant?   Scope of Services    Turn Key Programs
In this Section:
1. Why Hire Mary Ann as a Consultant for Medicare MNT and DSMT?
1a. Her Consulting and Training Services Can Be Used in Your Organization To...

Developing Medicare MNT Program


Designing Outpatient MNT Clinic


Training RDs on MNT Practice Guides, Reimbursement and Newest Intervention Models and Technologies

Medicare's New Chronic Care Improvement Program and the New Beneficiary One Time Physical Exam

Turnkey Medicare MNT Program and RD Training Workshop


FAQs on Medicare Part B Medical Nutrition Therapy and Diabetes Self-Management Education Benefits


A Quick Guide to the Medicare MNT and DSMES Benefit

Why Hire Mary Ann as a Consultant for Medicare MNT and DSMT?
(No, Off-Site Seminars are NOT Enough!)

Reason #1: Mary Ann is a highly qualified RD, CDCES expert with years of hands-on experience of not only working in the trenches but:
  • Always raising the bar in those trenches
  • Always striving to incorporate the best and newest:
    • MNT and DSMT models
    • Interventions
    • Strategies for increased patients and reimbursement success
Reason #2: Mary Ann's MNT and DSMT consulting is:
  • Cost-effective
    • For every $1 spent to implement a reimbursable MNT and/or DSMT Program, or to learn how to obtain reimbursement for your current program, you will earn 1000 times this much in insurance payments through the coming years.the return on investment is non-stop!
  • Performed with speed and efficiency
    • Mary Ann puts her nose to the grindstone to get the job done, on time and on budget
  • Of the highest quality (she's a perfectionist!)
Reason #3: Mary Ann is a nationally recognized expert in:
  • Medicare and private insurance reimbursement for MNT and DSMT
  • Helping organizations and individuals develop MNT and DSMT programs from scratch OR help restructure and reorganize
  • Click here for “Components of MNT and DSMT Consulting”
Reason #4: Mary Ann has written 3 great resources for professionals working with MNT, and DSMT programs and claims billing
Reason #5: Mary Ann has combined her entrepreneurial spirit with excellent verbal and written communications skills to:
  • Become Medicare MNT provider
  • Develop and implement Medicare MNT and recognized DSMT Program
  • Develop and manage a profitable hospital-based Outpatient MNT Clinic
  • Deliver MNT in various diseases to hundreds of patients and consumers
  • Give numerous professional talks and workshops on how to:
    • Develop MNT and DSMT programs and a MNT Clinic
    • Synchronize Medicare MNT with Medicare DSMES and motivate patients to obtain both
    • Implement the new Nutrition Care Process and Model
    • Implement the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education
    • Successfully obtain Medicare MNT and DSMT reimbursement
    • Follow Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 's MNT Evidence-Based Guides for Practice
    • Document all phases of MNT and DSMT accurately and easily
    • Perform MNT and DSMT chart audits


Mary Ann Hodorowicz Consulting, LLC
12921 Sycamore
Palos Heights, Illinois 60465
Office:  708-359-3864
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Mary Ann has a rare combination of consultant to both professionals and the public. She is a well known dietitian in the Chicago , IL area. She travels all over the state of Illinois presenting on health reimbursement - including insurance, medicare and self management diabetes programs (DSMES). Also, she created a health, wellness, health promotion and health education program targeted for companies and organizations who want to demonstrate concern for employee well-being, and increase employee productivity and morale.

Dietician Mary Ann consults with corporations and industry as a media nutrition spokesperson in area of food and nutrition. You will often see Mary Ann speaking before large consumer audiences on nutrition for kidney disease, nutrition for cardiac health, nutrition education for adolescents and current nutrition topics. She is a true nutrition expert!